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Culinary Concept by Rayner Müller was born from a love and passion for food with over fourteen years experience in the food industry. We believe that family and food go hand in hand together, which is why we’re proud to put our name to our business.

As a family company, we are passionate about creating the highest quality products for everyone to enjoy. Our journey from South Africa to Cheshire has provided us with inspiration and expertise, giving our products their unique flair and flavours from two vastly different cultures.

Locan Muller


Lynika Muller


Lynika is responsible for the sales, marketing & events for Culinary Concept.

Rayner Muller

Chef behind the scenes with a Diploma in Culinary Arts and experience in restaurants around the world including South Africa, Scotland and England. Rayner is in charge of developing all delicious elements to Culinary Concept.

Lorcan & Ryker Mulle

Lorcan & Ryker

The best taste testers and little helpers in the business!


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All photos shown are taken by us, you, our guests. No professional photographers or food stylists have been used. What you see is what we serve!

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Locan & Ryker Muller
Locan Muller
Lorcan & Ryker Muller
Ryker Muller
Ryker Muller